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The way to get here is to exit 11 of Euljiro 3-ga Station, go straight, and enter the first alley on the right.
If you continue to walk along the alley, you can see the sign of Gangnam Pool Salon on the second floor of the large black building.
Go straight inside and come up to the second floor on the left and you’ll get there!
It’s very fancy from the entrance.
On the way up, frames containing pictures of famous musicians were hung.
Overwhelmed by a completely exotic atmosphere.
Coming in, there’s a whole new world going on, being struck by brilliant lights and hip music.
​ ​
If you come inside, you’ll see a splendid fountain.
If you want a hip, do you need a fountain?
It’s been a while since I’ve seen Itaewon’s Fountain.
The cozy separation of the private space was a small TV set here, so it looked good to watch during a break after chatting with my friends.

I’m afraid the menu isn’t even hip.
I thought it was the Beatles Forever magazine, but it was the menu of the Gangnam Pool Salon.
Café menus are also available from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.
There was a coffee and tea special drink menu.

Only bar menus are available after 5 o’clock, so we decided to come in after 5 o’clock and drink non-alcoholic cocktails lightly.

If you’re looking for a cafe during the day and a bar that changes immediately in the evening, take notes from Gangnam Pool Salon.

It was a cool mojito non-alcohol cocktail with the scent of raw lime and basil.

Wow, she’s got some pretty real flowers on her, and she’s got a cocktail vibe with a hippie.

It’s non-alcoholic, so it doesn’t taste like alcohol, and it’s so delicious because it’s sweet.

If you upload a photo of Euljiro Cocktail and hashtag on Instagram with Gangnam Full Sirlon Hipji, they will give you gin and tonic for free.

And next to it was a piece of paper where you could write a song request.
Write down the artist you want to hear, the title of the song, and bring it to the staff, and they’ll play it.
Hip-jiro bar with song requests = Gangnam Pool Salon

We sat right in front of the TV, just right in the back to get smacked by my mom.
It was such a good place for me who had poor 강남풀싸롱 eyesight because I didn’t bring glasses because I kept eating and when my favorite song came out, I recorded it in the video.

We were hungry, so we ordered buffalo wings and french fries for a small meal. You have to eat this successfully.
The salty taste is just really addictive.

She also plates a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

Long Stick Stick Stick Snack and Cheese Bright Fatty Caroon Hamon Prosciutto Bungto Olive Dragon and Grapefruit Melon Sunset Plate

Cute Cookie. She’s a character cookie. She’s got a great vibe.

It’s the last menu of the hipjiro bar.

Put the prosciutto on the melon, sweet and salty.
And fat carons with chocolate filling. It was really delicious.
I was going to eat it all, but I shared it with my friend, and I really wanted to order this separately.
The song was really hip and the food was really delicious. Hotple Gangnam Pool Salon is the best!‍

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