If you replace the cartridge, it can be used continuously

One of the sounds I hear every time I go for skin care is that my skin type is dry and thin

They say wrinkles tend to occur quickly

Every time I look in the mirror these days, it breaks my heart to see the wrinkles that stretch one by one Big

I’ve been wondering how worried and stressed I’m going to be in this situation

I can’t let this happen Let’s take care of it. I decided to look for a skincare facial massage device

I decided to use Atibe Beauty Homecera products steadily
I have no choice but to think about the cost, time, and so on

It’s too expensive to receive it steadily, and it’s too difficult to meet the time

So I decided to try a skin home care product that I can use at home 🙂
HomeSerra, a face massage device that was easy to use at home and had a neat design

I tried it with the Ultra Sonic Moisture Gel because it’s effective when used with it
The manual is enclosed

It’s a rechargeable product

Once charged, it lasts quite a long time, so it was easy to use, not everyday
The cradle is for charging as well as charging

Home Serra has a simple and luxurious design

I keep my eyes on the dressing table kk
Holmese is a home care device that uses clustered ultrasound to deliver heat to the dermis

It helps improve skin elasticity and helps natural skin remodeling

And when you do a 4.5mm scan of cluster ultrasonography, you get to the fascia layer called the SMAS layer

There are a lot of nerves and blood vessels nearby, so it’s dangerous

Homecera is easier to use because it is treated only at a depth related to skin elasticity of 22.5mm
Home care for skin and facial massage equipment that is good for home use

If you invest only 15 minutes a week, you can get skincare done at home I am

You can take 30,000 shots based on 300 shots per shot, so you can use it 100 times in total, so the price-to-performance ratio was really good

If you replace the cartridge, you can continue to use it
If it’s heavy, I only use it for the first time, but I don’t want to use it later

The Atibe Beauty Homse weighs about 350g, so it was enough for women to use with one hand

The ergonomic design has a comfortable grip

Weight, design, satisfaction
If the heat rises due to the price of the dot, it can cause side effects such as burns and blisters on the skin

Holmsera has an even score of 13 dots per shot

It was a good choice because it was made with safety as the top priority
When using the Atibe Beauty Home Serra device, it works better with the Ultra Sonic voice gel

I decided to use it together

You can apply gel to your face before using the device

I tested the back of the hand before using the gel

It’s transparent, moist, and fresh
It’s moist and absorbent even with the best
My eyes and nasolabial folds are getting deeper, so I’m going to keep using them

Those who want to have a V-line, those who are concerned about loose cheeks, and those who feel burdened by the price of laser procedures that they have to receive regularly

Face massage equipment that helps skin home care easily at home
My skin… Just by looking at it, I can see that it’s a lot less elastic

At times like this, management is the most important thing
Spread the gel within 1mm on the area where the device will be used and then try it
It was a product that was not difficult to use the device

If you press it for two seconds, the main body will turn on There’s a blue light on the window

If you press the button one more time, the power goes up

The intensity can be adjusted to one-fifth

Rather than being strong from the beginning, it would be better to choose and adjust the steps that fit you

Skin home care facial massage equipment
Avoid the area near the eyes and lips and use it closely to the face area where you have concerns about moisturizing, elasticity, and pores

At first, I did step one, and then I went up two or three, and I found the right step for me

I usually do 3-4 steps

The feeling of use was tingling, I was able to stand it, and I felt like I was at the dermatologist

How do you feel when you visit a dermatologist?

I tasted the New World where I could experience it at home as if I were being treated at a dermatology clinic
You can check how many shots you’ve taken on the screen

It’s so nice to be able to get skin care once a week for 15 minutes

I was so sad to see my drooping jaws and wrinkles

HomeSerra, a face massage device that can be easily managed at home without much cost and time investment
I’ve been using Home Serra, and it’s a product that I like because I eat good skin makeup

It’s easy to operate and 출장안마 recommends 300 shots once a week, and you can use it about 100 times when you use it like this

In terms of duration, you can use it for about two years

In addition, if you replace the cartridge, it can be used continuously

It was a smart product considering the financial aspects

It was a satisfying product when I used the investment for my skin

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