On the way home from work, it suddenly starts to rain, and at the stop, we encounter the destruction of the rain.

The last five episodes of the fall accompanied me on my way to work.
The fall ended there, telling Tokyo to love him.
Will Tokyo be the first man to love the existence of destruction as it was?

Subsequently, the sixth episode of Webhard One day, the fall came to my doorstep. Let’s start the review.
Monday, Tuesday, Webhard tvN One day, the fall came into my doorstep. Episode 6 Storyline and Review You have to delete or reset anything that’s wrong.
I don’t want to live, I want to live happily.
I don’t have the confidence to kill you and live happily ever after.

Tokyo said, “Isn’t it because you want to die from the destruction that I told you should love?”
He says he has no confidence in living happily ever after he kills the fall.
I don’t know if you thought yearning was the answer, anyway, smirking destruction.
Come with me. Come with me.
Hey, don’t act.

That’s how they came home.
He tries to make Tokyo fall in love with him, even acting.
And from the next day, Tokyo wants to love a bad man who can kill him.
I didn’t mean for it to disappear, except for destruction.

Meanwhile, the destruction of meeting God.
God continues to show discomfort to the destruction that is about to disappear through Tokyo.
I have no idea what God wants.
A yearning to find out that his brother Sun-kyung was working part-time.
It was a scene where my brother thought of you and my heart warmed up.
There’s a guy around you who’s bad enough to want to kill. Do you want me to kill him?

Meanwhile, the yearning for a bad guy.
You were venting your anger at the noble writer who ran away with your sister, Gina.
She asked me if I had any bad guys.
Gina is talking about Hyun Kyu.
And through Tokyo, I heard why Joo-ik kissed her.
Gina asked Joo-ik again, “I kissed her out of pity.”
He’s asking again if he’s making a proposal out of pity for him.

Of course, eventually, the two men’s contract is signed.
Meanwhile, in case your sister gets sick, you want to test her in advance.
The doctor is very happy that Tokyo has a younger brother.
We’re going to try not to give up, take medicine, and live longer.
I’m waiting for it to sprout.

And that day, Tokyo met that girl, God, at the hospital.
God waits for the flowerpot to sprout, and he doesn’t know what sprout is, but he cares a lot, saying it’s his own.
What did you plant in that pot that you’re waiting for?
It’s really me. You’re the only one who looks at me. It’s like that. After my brother’s examination is over, the yearning for me appears in front of me.
The destruction that brought beautiful flowers.
Sunkyung’s suggestion was to take a picture of the day, and the appearance of the fall was completely different.
Except for Tokyo, no one can see the real fall.

So Tokyo feels different about the fall.
And on the way back, Tokyo finally found the writer of the noble who fled.
You were just auditioning for an open male lead.
Meanwhile, Joo-ik and Gina had their first meeting after the contract.
So that Gina can write a new piece of writing, the juicer who talks and throws the sauce at her sauce.
When Joo-ik goes to the door to go back, he remembers that it was an umbrella when he kissed Gina before, and he tells Gina that he’s going home because it’s mine.
Why did you come to Korea and why did you come to the reunion?

And it was reunion day, and Gina was in a hurry to get ready for the reunion.
Of course, Hyun Kyu was at the reunion at the end. As soon as she saw Hyun Kyu, she avoided her eyes.
After the reunion is over, Hyun-gyu says Gina drinks a lot and waits for Gina to take a taxi.

I could feel very well that they both had lingering feelings.
It was a romance broken by Hyun Kyu’s avoidance of studying abroad.
It’s not me, it’s you, it’s me, it’s crazy, it’s me, it’s me, it’s me, it’s
You’re talking to yourself, and the team leader, Joo-ik, comes next to you.
Eventually, Tokyo asks Joo-ik what he wants to wish for, and what Joo-ik said at the end crosses his mind.
I don’t love you. I want you to love me.
I have a wish. I want you to download me for free. That’s a wish.

On the way home from work, it suddenly starts to rain, and at the stop, we encounter the destruction of the rain.
Then, when he suddenly ran to Tokyo, the two of them got wet.

At that time, Tokyo recalled the wish in the words of Joo Ik.
I ask the Falling Man if he can make a wish to love me.
The one who answered, “No, I don’t think you let go of the leash you’ve been holding.”
He approaches Tokyo and gives her a kiss that always stopped in front of her lips.
If you mess with the system, it’s mis-programmed, and if you want to delete it, reset it.

But after kissing, the perish takes a step back and disappears from the sight of Tokyo.
I can’t delete the destruction that God seems to have fallen in love with Tokyo, so I’ll reset it. I think he made a choice.

Maybe he’s being mean at the thought that Tokyo took away his own 무료 다운로드 destruction.
Or I don’t know what God’s ultimate goal is, but by the middle of it, we’ll be able to see if the system of boundaries, the collapse, is reset to block humans before they become deeper in love with them.

In episode seven, the fall is gone, and I’m worried that Tokyo is struggling.
So, here’s the sixth installment.
One day, the fall came through our front door. I’ll finish my review.

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