After completing the work, and seeing the whole thing, it’s very harmonious.

It’s a cool system.
It’s been cloudy and rainy for a few days.
It was windy and hard to work on.
Today’s weather is sunny and pleasant.
It’s gonna be fine for the time being.
I hope you enjoy the nice weather!
Installation of sky learning in Hwayang-dong Choi Cha-hye Gynecology and Gynecology

Choi Cha-hye Obstetrics and Gynecology Skyning, Hwayang-dong, Seoul
Installation is complete.
The Sky Earnings I worked on this time are wine colors.
I’ve been working on it.
It’s a color that doesn’t usually have a lot of demand, but when you
The overall picture gives me a lot of harmony.

The site of the Sky Earnings project is the main building and the annex.
We proceeded with the installation at the connecting place.
We’ll demolish the existing Rack Mountain installation.
We proceeded with the installation of Sky Earnings on the spot.
We only used the existing folding door and proceeded 스카이어닝 with the work.

Using a folding door frame and a water tray.
I installed a front water pan for sky earning.
But using only folding door frames,
The stable part of the SkyEarnings installation.
Because it can be dangerous, we’ll use the side of this building.
After fixing it, we proceeded with the work firmly and safely.

After completing the basic framing and setting,
The paint work was carried out.
Usually, when you’re working on a paint job, you’re gonna need to
We’re going to select and proceed with the work.
Size of sky earning work in Hwayang-dong, Seoul
It wasn’t big, so it was directly cool.
I proceeded with the paint work.

Complete the post work and follow the guide and link bar.
We proceeded with the sequential work.
Finish installing all frames, hang the fabric.
Finally, after the test,
I finished all the work.
This sky earning work in Hwayang-dong, Seoul,
The work was carried out without LED lighting.

For installation of Sky Earnings.
It’s a work site, a functional design, and so on.
We have to consider it and schedule the work, and the estimate changes.
Detailed consultation is required.
In this respect, the cool system is with the client.
We’re always communicating, meeting, working.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
Feel free to contact me.

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