Make sure your scalp massage is simple and managed before you start

I like to get massaged as much as I eat

I had to take it when I was traveling abroad with my mother

I can’t go abroad as much as the city is,

I’m stuck in Busan, but sometimes I go to Taimasaji for a change of mind

That’s a couple of times a month,

What is it, a healing, a diversion, and a good thing?

This is 김해마사지 Thailand, I feel like!

My mom took a photo of this place like a Thai, and she put it in Psa

without the tie massage failure and regretfully

I’ve met a place that is cool and nice

I think I’m looking for it every month

and there’s no fixed masseur

I’m always satisfied with just randomly receiving

You mean that there are only those who are good, and you care about the overall ability and operate it.

And then, across the market,

I’m sure everyone saw it with a banner

Massage shops are regularly

Just because you’re doing a special disinfection

It’s a place where I feel more relieved and trusting

When you go in, the boss always sprinkles hand disinfectant on your hand and measures your body temperature

They check to make sure you complete the entry list

every few months I go, I don’t miss

I’m so happy to check

The advantage and disadvantage is that there is no space for waiting

There are several doors in the hallway

You start with a massage in each room alone

Couple massage group massage is possible

I saw it all ready for myself

I used to go to Lantai with my mother and always get a couple

This is what the couple’s room is for two people

It’s wider and more cozy than you think

Unfortunately, I came with my mother today, but I decided to take care of my mother for 90 minutes alone without drinking a couple

I’m going to get a couple of drinks with my mom and me

I always worked it out

Now I think it’s more beneficial to get it in 90 minutes.

So, this time, I’m not gonna be able to get a massage

I took it for 90 minutes with a full-length tie

I’m getting it dry

Prepare to be comfortably managed

I’ve never been to a single room before. I like to check all the floor and bed temperatures

I saw a job at a nearby cafe

I spent some time and then I went back to visit

I thought you were already asleep when you came back

You’re sleeping, you’re swollen, and

I think I was a little less awake

Oh, we don’t get the aroma massage

I’m on the side of dry taimasaji

I haven’t used the shower room

There’s a shower room in the massage shop

Of course there’s a male and female shower

Those who want to clean up after aroma massage

You can use it comfortably in your own shower room

Especially in the summer, when you get aroma massage

There are many times when you want to wash, so it’s perfect for use

as you slowly climb up from your feet

You massage your calf.

You can pinch the finger pressure point on your foot

Wow. It was really cool.

And then, with a calf

variously the calf massage is hiccuped

with the hand movement having the speed sense

Massage me! It’s so cool.

I’m gonna have to give you a massage

I can feel the muscle loosening

As soon as you massage it

I thought you said that it was heavy when you walked with a lot of calf.

He knew exactly what he was doing

Not just your calf, but

from the top to the foot

He did it all over!

Then you massage me with a gold ring

Hot, hot, blood circulation feels good

It’s very cool

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