Let me know about the lease loan for young people in small and medium enterprises

Are you looking for data related to small and medium-sized youth charter loans?
I looked for data on small and medium-sized youth chartered loans.
I hope you can help me!

This time, I will be able to get a 100%
I would like to share it.
A Study on the Young Lease Loan of Small and Medium Business
I hope it will be a reference information for those who are interested!

Younger Lease Loan for Small and Medium Businesses TIP_2
Getting a Loanable House
100% of small and medium-sized young people’s charter loans
They say the conditions are difficult.
So I’m sure you’re aware of this system
I’m looking for a realtor and I’m wondering if there’s a house that went on 100% loan
First, I ask you, at this time
They say the product is really important.

Then, I went to the house that I borrowed 100%
He said he walked right away.
documents to be collected from real estate
Deposit receipt (5% of deposit)
lease agreement original
register copy
a copy of the landlord’s 폰테크 bankbook

TIP. They say that a receipt that paid 5% of the deposit is essential when applying for a loan.
EX. 90 million won for the lease – > 4.5 million won first.

in the small and medium enterprise youth charter loan
cautions when writing a contract
If you are missing from the loan examination due to a house or a landlord problem
To get the down payment back, you must make sure that the contract
It is said that it is good to put it in.
“The problem of the renter and the goods (house) is that the lease fund loan is not available.
We will terminate the contract without condition and return the down payment.”
On the contrary, it may be difficult to receive a down payment when the loan is not reviewed due to personal problems.
So it is important to go to the bank first and check the loan qualification examination first.

TIP_4 for young people in small and medium-sized enterprises
I’m going to go to the bank and apply at 100%
He said he wrote a lot of documents.
When I asked the banker what he would do if he had a forgotten document
He said that if you do not need the original, you can fax it or email it.

* 100% loan comes out of ‘house survey’! *

He said he was contacted that he was going to come out of the house survey a few days after completing the move.
I asked if you were living in the house you moved in,
He said he was coming to investigate the suitability of his residence.

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