Taking a walk on a sunny spring day, relaxing,
I’m glad you’re getting some rest.

I’ve been using the Pagora as a rest area in the company.
There was a request to remove it.
It’s been a long time since we’ve been able to see a confirmed personally
It’s probably a smoking area.
I think you decided to remove the shelter.
Well, if they do, they’ll eventually be able to find out.
We’re gonna get rid of it, even if it’s because it’s crowded.
I think it’s been decided. Public use facilities
The more places we ban, the more uncomfortable it is.
There’s a lot of situations that’s all right?
It can’t be helped. Everyone understands.
I hope so, too.
It’s the best way to stop it.
It’s about being able to turn everyone’s daily lives.
Judging from the limitations in many places,
As much as we have, we’re gonna have to go to the demolition site today.
Always working in compliance with quarantine guidelines.
From the demolition of Hannam-dong stars,
Posting is provided.
The work required to demolish Hannam-dong,
Check the estimate from the original company.
Demolition of exterior structures, interior demolition
It is a company specializing in restoration of commercial buildings.
The demolition of Hannam-dong is the same everywhere.
We’re gonna take care of it on condition.
We have an estimate. An expert in Hannam-dong,
I’ll be quick on the spot and talk to you.
I’m here. After I set up an appointment on the phone,
We will calculate the cost for free.
This is Pagora, 스카이어닝 which was used as a shelter.
The demolition of the structure has been carried out.
It’s made of wood, and it’s roofed.
So we’re going to take it down step by step.
We’ve been working on it. The weather’s been so…
I don’t know if it’s good or not.
I could have done it.^^ These days, indoor work is not easy.
There were a lot, so it was a better environment.
For example, the task of demolishing Hannam-dong
No matter where the construction is, it’s the most ideal.
Start by contacting a cost-effective star removal company.
I’d like to ask you to try.~
Critical labor costs and waste are the main items.
I’m going to give you an estimate of the difference in this part.
It’s a company that specializes in giving out, so I’m happy with
We greet you with a speedy and neat demolition.
Restaurant shopping office cafe interior interior restoration
The process requiring demolition work is the demolition of Hannam-dong.
The professional star demolition company is definitely in charge.
I’ll work on everything from one to ten.
Yes, sir. For your information, please contact the number at the top.
You can contact them and hear the exact answer.
Now, I’m going to have to work on the remodeling of the closure.
One of the most important processes, demolition work.
A good and reasonable place! in close quarters
Starting star demolition is waiting.
24 hours a day, 24 hours a day, 24 hours a day!
Differentiated franchise format for more convenient

In addition to the site, we provided useful information.
With as much enthusiasm as the warmer weather.
Clean, perfectly safe operation.
I’ll repay you for your love.
Are you ready to make a wish while looking at the full moon?
On the fifteenth of lunar January, the morning before the weekend,
The weather reminds me of spring!

Today, I’m going to go to the Jeju Government Complex.
I’m going to tell you about the scene where I went to paint.
I’m here to play it for you!
It’s where the Pagora facility was installed!
It’s been a long time since I’ve seen all the paint come off.
I can see it. Hurry up. New construction.
I was asked to do it, so I ran.^^

A lot of people are taking a walk and taking a rest.
Because it’s a space, for a comfortable rest,
This is an example of your quick request for work!
The paint is all peeled off.
It’s neat and nice to paint.
I’m transforming, so I’m going to dress you in new clothes.
These are the landscaping workers:)

If the colors are different, it can be noticeable.
Do the same thing, so that no problems.
I’m working on painting meticulously.
So that the front part can be a point.
I turned it on red. It’really?^^ It’s so pretty!
It’s the color of Jeju Pagora.
You’re gonna have to do something different.
We can face each other!
Now, as the people who live here pass by,
Taking a walk on a sunny spring day, relaxing,
I’m glad you’re getting some rest.^^

Every inch of it, every inch of it, every inch of it, every inch of it.
We’ve been working on the painting meticulously!
So that you can find the color again while painting.
I put on oilstain, too.^^
If you use the paint before it dries up,
It could be a disaster. The signs are everywhere.
I had to attach it carefully!
This meticulous color work on the Jeju Fargado.
They’re all finished.^^
It’s a time when I’ve been at home and it’s frustrated.
Don’t forget to wear a mask. Go out for a while.
I’m gonna take a little time under Pagora.
I think it would be good to enjoy it!

Landscaping is a country that’s always been a part of your business.
If it’s a call, I’ll run to you in one step.
I’m helping the construction work, so I’m gonna need more detail.
If you have any questions or need any help,
Please contact us right away.^^
Thank you.

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