I recommend it to those who want to feel sentimental!

I’m thinking of sharing Hanam Emotional Massage Shop, and I’ve only chosen places with high satisfaction! Since Jinmango, a self-proclaimed massage shop expert, has visited and selected only good places, please pay attention to those who are looking for massage shops in Hanam! Let’s start the introduction right away, looking forward to this information for the massage nomads!

Hanam Emotional Massage – Hu & Massage
I’ve already been to this place a few times, and every time I go, I feel friendly and the administrators are so kind that I can have a nice room and check out. The atmosphere is warm, so it’s okay, and there’s nothing bothering or uncomfortable about using it. Besides, it’s decorated with private spaces, so it doesn’t feel embarrassed. I usually drive a car, but it’s free parking here, so it’s no burden. Moreover, it was so close to the Misa 주안건마 Station that I visited even when there was no car, and there was no inconvenience at all!

Hue & Mass is located on the 459th floor of 204 Misa River Central Road in Hanam City and is open all year round from 10 a.m. to 5 am. Just like the Hanam Korean Massage Shop, all of them are made up of Korean managers! She’s talented and kind-hearted ^^ She’s my favorite shop! Oh, and the good thing about this place is that you can sleep, but you should know that Geumto is impossible.

The program consists of DeepTissue Aroma Therapy, Swedish, forehand, and relay, and the price range is 90,000 won to 190,000 won, and you can get really money-saving care.

Hanam Emotional Massage – Chae Yeon
Next is Chaeyeon, a one-person shop in Hanam. This shop is operated as a one-person shop, so it’s a bit more difficult to book compared to other places, but I still don’t want to miss it because it’s very satisfying. It’s a place I want to visit even on time! I found this place while looking for Hanam Waxing Shop because I can get emotional swaddish as well as waxing at the same time, but I often visit it steadily even now!

Chaeyeon, a one-person shop in Hanam, is located in Mangwol-dong, but you have to ask before you visit for parking. Business hours are from 12 p.m. to 2 a.m. The director is a 30-year-old Korean woman who used to be an ace of road shops, so her appearance and skills are very firm! The program consists of Swedish Sensitivity Therapy, Waxing, Trintment, and Eyebrow Reflectors, and the price range is between 110 and 150,000 won!

Hanam Emotional Massage – Moko
Next is Moko. This is also a one-person shop. It’s a comfortable and comfortable place, so I’m kind of attached to it. In addition, it is a shop that is doing well these days because you can get a sincere touch to find peace of mind and body! And the advantage is that it’s not that hard to book even though it’s a one-person shop because it’s 24 hours. It’s nice to be able to visit at any time. Please note that you cannot use a card and only cash is available!

The director of the Hanam one-person shop, Massage Moko, is a 23-year-old Korean, and this is the second opera of the 99th Opera in Nam-ro, Misa River, Hanam-si, Gyeonggi-do! It takes less than 3 minutes from Misa Station Exit 9, so you can come by public transportation! The program is prepared as an emotional Swedish and is formed at 60 minutes 110,000 won, 90 minutes 140,000 won! I recommend it to those who want to feel sentimental!

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