Clearly, experts are different

Following the posting last week, I would like to know about the backlink concept I learned while studying SEO.

Marketers. I think they know something about this.

In fact, the people who used to plan and build things,

It is difficult to use marketing terms.

Especially unless I work in the department of management or marketing.

Last time, the SEO found out why entrepreneurs liked it when they first started marketing.

Backlinks are also an integral part of the SEO process.

If you Google a backlink,

Links to other websites that point to Web resources.

What are you talking about?

The website refers 구글상위노출 to other websites and links to them.*

For example

When I searched for keywords, other websites were exposed to the contents of the site, so it could be re-entered.

Because I’m not well-known on our website.

I’ve also dug up bulletin boards in famous cafes and posted service content.

Of course, because the keyword was the name of the service, there were not many clicks.

I was able to guide you from the site to our site.

Brand awareness converges to almost zero within the founder or small business owner.

You are rarely exposed by searches.

It’s almost zero.

as such

When you link to a website within a parent site, the brand is naturally exposed, which can increase awareness.

I had no idea about the service.

As you know, there are many services acquired by Kakao. You can think of it as that feeling.

In addition, network enhancements and track selection can increase if there are many backlinks.

Instagram is linked to many influencers and allows followers to come in, right? You don’t have to talk about traffic growth and network improvement.

In addition, organic search ranking, which is not the result of keyword search such as CPC, a per-click advertisement, has a positive effect on search engine ranking.

The most important thing in building a backlink is

It is said that creating content that provides useful information to users is a top priority.

No matter how many times I spray my site on other sites. suddenly

It’s meaningless if the user you just logged in doesn’t like my site/content/service.

Whatever the data is, it is important to enrich the message of information delivery and to organize the contents of the coquil using images and images as well as text.

If the backlink to a website or page that deals with a topic similar to business or content is a 404 error backlink, then requesting a link replacement is also an option.

Some websites are also guest-lighted, and you can publish to them and insert back links to them

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