Share the massage shop that I’m satisfied with

To make our bodies comfortable at the end of the year.

I visited a massage shop with my working parents.

As a gift, it seemed like a good place for my parents.

Besides, it just opened.

The facilities are clean.

He is also having an open event!

It’s a place I recommend to my neighbors.

I’d like to leave a review.

I changed my shoes on the porch and went inside.

The inside was very clean 강남 스웨디시 because the new door was opened.

I could wait while drinking herbal tea and coffee.

It’s a professional place with a hairdresser’s license!

The woman gave me a massage.

So I was able to take care of my body more comfortably.

At first, I sat down and wrote the basics.

I checked the details where I felt uncomfortable.

I marked that part because my neck and back hurt.

Office workers and students sitting and bowing for a long time.

I think my throat hurts. Get a massage from Ohm Therapy.

And I could choose the essential oil.

Depending on the scent I like, I can choose the effect I need.

I chose lavender oil that is good for blood circulation and muscle pain.

Mom chose grapefruit oil.

Sweet almond oil is a mild oil that mothers can use.

It’s a moist, light, non-stick type of oil.

It is good for anti-aging and sensitive skin.

You can share it in one room, so you can gather it with your parents.

I thought it was a good place to go on a date because couples can go on a date.

I really recommend an indoor couple’s date place, which is a gift for their parents.

You can go into the room and change into the clothes on the bed.~

The clothes were so loose that it was so comfortable!

There was a clock, there was a pillow.

I asked if the middle part of your hair is uncomfortable.

I was able to get a massage really comfortably because you gave me a pillow.

He is so kind that I can’t care of the details.

At first, he was lying down in his clothes.

I only peeled the back of my upper body, applied oil, and got a massage.

I was so happy that I wanted to get it again.

Massage your hips slightly upwards, please.

I’d like to add hot red beans.

I felt really light and tired.

Also, she took care of her upper body and feet, but she also gave her legs a little squeeze.

It was really cool and nice.

It was good that you kept asking me if I was sick and taking care of me!

I want to go play with my boyfriend again.

I feel like I’m rubbing dust in the bathroom after getting a massage.

I felt refreshed

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