We will do our best to make you an imported car maintenance company.


Always thinking about you and trying to satisfy your customers

Gaon Motors is targeting the best imported automobile companies in Ilsan.

Did you have fun at work today?

As the weather got cold, slippery roads began to be seen often.

Please check the management of the tires in advance and drive safely.

Gaon Motors, an imported automobile maintenance company, for those who are busy at work and personal circumstances.

We are conducting regular inspection services for imported cars and automobile inspection agencies.

If maintenance is required after a telephone consultation, the vehicle will be recovered from your home and delivered after maintenance.

Feel free to consult on the phone and ask for car maintenance and inspection.For your information, the agency fee is free.

Gaon Automobile Works with Ilsan Hyundai Motor Maintenance Center to conduct regular and comprehensive automobile inspection.

We will check and proceed immediately on the same day without a reservation.

Your vehicle has received the #Ilsan 88카 Hyundai Motor Maintenance Center vehicle due to damage to the exterior of the front.

After removing the damaged parts from the vehicle, paint work was carried out

Before matching the original bumper color, use the same color paint as the original by introducing an electronic vehicle.

We will also apply colors to each specimen to ensure the correct coating and painting process compared to the original color.

Paint work was carried out using paint prepared with color combination in advance.

Prepare to start work that has been neatly peeled off with sandpaper

A specialist surface treatment technology called putty operations is applied to the dents and problems caused by the collision.

It can be considered as a paint job by integrating primer and surfeit work during the middle and undergoing painting process.

To match the colouring of the vehicle to the specification, weather conditions, and the mixing ratio of the paint

Gaon Motors has professional technology and equipment specialized in body work and water paint painting technology.

After painting with spray, after the first drying process,

Once the first phase is solidified, further sandpaper surface operations are applied.

We will now proceed with the most important phase of the paint application.

After spraying the color paint, the cleaner work (gloss paint) is completed and dried before the paint work is completed

You will be satisfied with the perfect quality of the painting, which takes more time than normal maintenance.
Do not forget to reset the automotive system after assembling and inspecting the vehicle

Fully prepared repair parts have been assembled and re-examined and delivered to the customer.

We have safely delivered the completed vehicle to you.

Make it as reasonable as possible to set unnecessary labour and parts costs, so that it is not a burden but an opportunity for you.

Ilsan Gaon Motors will do its best to make it the best imported car maintenance company in Gyeonggi Province.

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