I think it’s a famous Hongdae massage shop.

Bella Therapy, a massage shop in Hongdae, is where celebrities and celebrities and celebrities

It’s a famous massage shop in Hongdae.

It’s a very modern, clean place.

Near the McDonald’s building in Hongdae.

Between McDonald’s and H&M,

There’s a no-brand burger and it’s that building!

We can take the elevator up to the sixth floor.

Bellaterapy is at a massage shop in Hongdae.

It’s open 24 hours a day.

Anytime after work when I’m feeling stiff,

I think you can stop by.Haha

It’s refreshing to relax and relax indoors.

It’s a cozy Hongdae date spot.

I totally recommend it.~~

As you all know, I’ve been living in Hongdae.

I’ve been to so many massage shops in Hongdae.

Bellaterapy 홍대 마사지 is so, so good for the real price.

It’s a real bargain, full-body course.

What’s possible is the best!

That’s why I go to Bela Therapy a lot.

If you look at the price on Naver reservation.

30,000 won for a sports massage

30,000 won for foot massage

Full-body aroma massage 60 minutes 50,000 won.

Bella’s Social Massage A 80,000 won

Event Couple Massage 77,000 Won

Wow, the real foot massage is 30,000 won.

Have you ever seen a place that costs only 50,000 won?Haha

Best 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Especially, couple events are really cheap and good!

Two-person course, 77,000 won for 60 minutes.

Full body + ear-candler exfoliation, paraffin pack

I can get it.~~~~

77,000 won for two, not one!

Isn’t it really cheap?

I got a whole body + exfoliating and paraffin pack today.
This is the women’s changing room.

This is the men’s changing room.

It’s very neat and tidy.~

Clearly, Bellaterapy was at a massage shop in Hongdae.

It’s big, so the men’s and women’s rooms are separated.

It’s really nice. The hallway is really long and there are lots of rooms.

Wearing the pink massage clothes you gave me,

We’ll follow you down the hall, which is guided by the supervisor.
If you go down the long hallway,
We’re at the foot bath.

It’s very spacious and pleasant here.

I think the whole room is big.

In the warm, fluorescent water you prepared,

If you’re resting with your feet in it,

Your body becomes tired.~~

It smells as sweet as if you’ve put out an aroma.

It was great.

You said you’d get me a car.

I’m so thirsty.

I asked for cold water, so I drank it.

Cheap price, free massage, foot bath.

They prepared it for us. I think it’s really great.

Just like any other expensive massage.

The service is so good and I feel like I’m on a full course.

It’s the best~~~~~~~~~~~~

By the time you’re feeling better, the janitor’s gonna tell you

Come and wipe your feet.

So I’m going to take you to the sidewalk with a light step.

I’m going to the room to get a massage.

Every hallway this big, every single one of them has a management office.

It’s on both sides. It’s really big!

There are many rooms, so I think we can make a reservation for the day.

Even on hot days in Hongdae,

It’s a place where you can come more often.

The big room is full of four people.

The room is ready.

Not the mirror in the middle mirror.

There are four beds on both sides.

We have a couple bed ready for you’em.

There’s a pink face cover ready.

Don’t worry about the makeup.

You can enjoy the massage safely.

It’s good to prevent facial marks.

Full body massage plus exfoliation, paraffin pack (60 minutes)

I felt like my stiff body was slowly being released.

Belaterapy’s management staff have a lot of experience.

They’re experienced managers. They’re very handy.

He’s hard, but he’s pointing at the pain.

It was so cool and my body was so relaxed.

Sick, sleepy, cool and drowsy

And an hour flew by like that.

And the last paraffin pack ❤️

It’s my first time using a paraffin pack.

I need you to clean up your exfoliation first.

You put your feet in the paraffin and then you pull them out.

I’m gonna put a couple of layers on it, and I’m gonna take one paraffin pack.

Put it on the plastic bag and lie down and rest.

Wow, but my feet are warm and my blood circulation is all over my body.

It seems like it’s happening, but for a short time,

I slept like a log.~~~

Next time I come, I’m going to do another paraffin pack.

It was really, really, really good.

wearing a paraffin pack and becoming like a baby

It was so nice to go back with my feet.

After getting a full body massage,

I could sleep very well at night.

Why do celebrities and celebrities often visit?

I think it’s a famous Hongdae massage shop.

A massage shop in Hongdae that is cheap and good for price

If you’re looking for it, I’d really recommend Velaterapy.

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