It’s also the lowest massage shop in Dongtan.

I’ve decided to take care of her!

What kind of oil do you want when you get it?

You can also try and choose aroma oils:)

The 수원 건마 Matteum tea you prepared for us in Welcome is…

It’s a traditional Thai tea with lots of vitamin C.

It relieves indigestion and heart tremors.

They say it’s a good car for help and recovery.

It’s amazing. What’s that? It was a difference of feeling.

Lavender, well-known for his mental and physical stability,

Jasmine for depression dry skin relaxation

Rose is good for controlling female hormones and blood purification!

Among these three aroma oils, I am lavender.

My partner was chosen as Jasmine and managed.

with a warm cup of course.

I was stepping on it, and it made me feel like I was working.

I’m resting, so Dr. Therapist is here.

He washed my feet and led me to the maintenance office.

Tada! It’s pleasant and clean.

This is Gangnam Massage Shop’s Natural Tiespa Management Office. 🙂

I went in and fell down, and they lowered the light.

I’ve been under aromatherapy for an hour.

Both of them are Therapists.

You took good care of me, so I took it easy.

I was satisfied, and my partner was satisfied with the management.

She’s lighter under Aroma care.

It feels like it’s circulating well.

He was able to regain his comfortable condition.

It was time.

I like it because it’s moist after getting an aroma.

A partner who doesn’t like to put something on.

I thought I’d take a shower while I was out.

I sat and waited.

Dongtan Dongtan Station Good Therapy

It’s the famous Good Therapy, where there are people who haven’t been there once, but nobody has been there’s no one who’s been there once. ^^ If you don’t know this place, you might say you don’t know the lowest kilo of coals. You’re doing an event right now, and there’s a weekly discount and an additional discount you can get for a telephone conversation.

It’s been a while since we last met.

He said he took a good rest and thanked me.

Gangnam Massage Shop

Natural tie wave Apgujeong point

A couple healing together.

I recommend it as a date course:)

If I add a friend of Kakao Plus,

And event coupons, too.

Get a discount

It’s also my favorite Dongtan’s lowest massage shop because it’s really affordable. If you look for Dongtan’s Swedish massage, you’ll probably all visit Good Therapy. It’s 110,000 won for 70 minutes and 140,000 won for 90 minutes. It’s a weekly discounted price. ^^ In addition to this, there is a private shower room, as well as a variety of drinks, so I go and get a massage and eat.

I’m so full and I can have fun on my back! All of them consist of Korean teachers in their 20s, and they are open from 11 a.m. to 3 a.m. They’ll get reservations from 10 a.m. an hour earlier. It’s located in 303 on the 2nd floor of Gtx Premiumville. It’s very close to Dongtan Station.

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