I highly recommend Patra massage Hongdae.

This day, I visited Patrawaxing, a shop specializing in Hapjeong waxing, to receive Brasilian waxing after a long time! While visiting Hongdae over the weekend, I looked for it to get it, and I decided to go here because the Patrawaxing Hongdae store was famous and the facilities were clean and the reviews were good!

This is Patrawaxing’s homepage address! Patrawaxing operates in three branches: Hongdae, Gangnam, and Wangsimni. Only experienced teachers with more than two years of experience in the procedure are working!

Patrawaxing Hongdae branch of Hapjeong waxing specialty shop was located very close to Hongdae Station! Let’s take the elevator to the fifth floor!

It’s a six-story building. The elevator floor button is covered with vinyl because of the corona. Good good.

Arrived on 5th floor with part-washing! Wow! It was so shiny from the entrance that I was looking forward to it!

On the right side of the entrance, there was a sign for the Brasilian waxing 50% off on the first visit! If you get a discount, you can get 60,000 won for women and 88,000 won for men!

I even took a picture of the menu at the entrance!

If you go inside, you’ll notice this big, sturdy, and pretty shoe rack first! The customer who made the reservation opened one of the shoe cabinets before coming to see me, and he was so considerate of me to put my shoes in!

And Patrawaxing Hongdae branch, which specializes in 강남 스웨디시 Hapjeong waxing, was really colorful and spacious inside! It was an interior that made me feel good just by looking at it!
Patrawaxing is a Nordable Deep clean shop that sterilizes all procedural appliances and uses only one-time treatment product!

I was guided by a friendly staff member to look around the inside and then to the place where I was going to be treated!

I was surprised to see this hallway! It’s like some kind of hotel hallway. That’s great! The Partrawaxing Hongdae branch, which specializes in Hapjeong waxing, operates on a 100% reservation system, and you can make reservations on the same day. There are five separate rooms and all rooms have individual showers! It’s almost like a hotel! The maximum number of people who can be treated is 6 and there is a couple room, so I think it would be good for couples to get waxed together!

Passing through the great hall.

I’m going to Room 4 where I’m going to be treated!

I also captured the treatment room of Patrawaxing Hongdae branch of Hapjeong waxing shop! It’s really nice. You should watch it. I feel like I’m getting a lot of treatment to get waxed in a place like this!

The salty bed looks like this! It’s very neat and pretty, right?
The treatment room at Patrawaxing Hongdae branch of Hapjeong waxing specialty shop is this kind of view from the side of the bed! There is a shower room on the left and a dressing table on the front!
The dressing table is neat and… It’s pretty, and it has diffusers, and it smells good. Hahaha

I even took a picture of a drawer with surgical supplies! The staff will guide us through Brasilia waxing and provide 50,000 won worth of sedation and in-depth care free of charge!

Now I’m going to take a quick shower before I get waxed! After taking a shower here in the shower room, press the bell in the room and the staff will come to take care of it!

You can keep your clothes or personal belongings here! After taking a shower, I changed into my gown and rang the bell, and the staff came right away! Thank you so much for taking care of me so that I could receive it comfortably throughout the entire procedure! The neighborhood I live in is a neighborhood where the doctor who treated me often visits, so I had a lot of sympathy! We had a lot of fun talking until we got out of the part-washing! Thank you so much!

Thank you for your kind and detailed explanation of how to take care of after waxing at the counter after treatment!

Partrawaxing Hongdae branch specializing in Hapjeong waxing is offering first-time membership promotions in addition to 50% discount on Brasilia waxing! It’s really cheap, so make sure to check it out!

Other products on sale, click!
I couldn’t even take a picture of the waiting area. The waiting area is so pretty, too!

And I didn’t know before, but there was a snack space next to the water purifier! I was surprised that even here was so neat and pretty! It seems like the staff is sending customers a cup of coffee or tea after taking care of them!
That’s why I got an iced Americano and left Patrawa Oxing Hongdae. Thank you so much for taking care of me from the beginning to the end! The weather was hot on this day, but it was cool and nice walking with an iced Americano! For those who are looking for Hapjeong waxing specialty shops, I highly recommend Patrawaxing Hongdae branch at Hongdae Station!

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