It had aroma oil in it so that I could smell the scent first.

Not too long ago, I went to Jeju massage with my friend because I was so tired.

The place I visited this time was open 24 hours a day, has clean facilities, and the teacher’s therapy was excellent.

Especially, the Thai style was unique, and the atmosphere and concept matched well and it was a perfect place for me.

The place we visited was located near Jeju Special Self-Governing Province Office.

Overall, it was decorated in wood tones and the size of the building was large, so I could find it right away.

This place has not only therapy but also skin care.

I’ve been wearing masks these days, so I’m in terrible condition. I’m glad that I can take care of this.

I was informed of the waiting space with colorful cushions inside the store.

After receiving applications, we took some time to look around while waiting here for a while.

Since it was a large-scale shop, I was satisfied with the relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.

It’s a place where you can get a Thai-style 인천 스웨디시 massage, so you can feel an exotic atmosphere.

Cushion designs, tree shapes, and interior props everywhere helped create the mood.

The incense burner was also brought directly from Thailand.

We just looked at it with our eyes, and it felt like we were looking at an artwork.

There were so many high-quality props, but I could see the CEO’s insight, effort, and sense.

And I’m waiting a little bit, so the person who received the application gave me a car.

It was an aroma tea with a fragrant scent, and as soon as I smelled it, I felt relaxed and relaxed.

The taste was clean and not dry, so the satisfaction was high.

It was nice to spend time warming up before the Jeju massage.

It was definitely relaxing to enjoy the taste little by little, so it was the first healing course.

The Thai-style interior props in various places even felt cute.

I thought it would be nice to have this pretty pedestal in my house.

There was a perfume bottle on top of the cabinet in one corner.

There was aroma oil in it so that I could smell the scent first.

It was important information to choose what would be good before getting the therapy in earnest.

And we found a separate place for foot baths.

This place is also cozy with colorful cushions and sofa stones.

Then, I was guided by my teacher and moved.

There were various interior props on the way to this shop, and it was fun to look around one by one.

We could get a Jeju massage after changing clothes in the locker room.

He saw a sign that separates men and women and entered on his own.

I felt like I was paying attention to the nameplate to promote this rock car.

It has a more luxurious feel, so it goes very well with the overall interior.

The locker room was also luxurious, so I was satisfied.

It had a large mirror and was equipped with a dryer and other disposable items, so it was easy to use.

I could use a brush, cotton swab, cotton pads, toothpaste, toothbrush, etc. freely.

After I get a massage in Jeju, I usually lose my posture, but I made sure that I can get out of here.

In the case of lockers, you could use the number key.

The length was rather long, so I didn’t have to wear a winter coat.

And there was a shower inside.

It is made of opaque doors, so privacy is protected and space utilization is good, so I am satisfied.

After I changed my clothes, I took a short foot bath.

We were guided separately and moved, but the satisfaction level increased as the washbasin and towels were neatly set up.

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