I bought a used 88카 Sportage car

Have you ever thought that you need a car these days? I

I’ve been wanting a car since last year. high school graduation

After that, I followed my friends to get my driver’s license, but I didn’t know

I didn’t have much work to do, so… I used it when I didn’t have an ID. anyway

It was a real so-called wardrobe driver’s license. What I do is separate.

It’s not a job that requires commuting, it’s a job to edit videos.

I work at home. That’s why driving is so important.

It was almost none. My friends around me get a job one by one.

I was getting a car. Of friends who drive around in the car.

When I heard the story, there were so many convenient things.

I don’t like to go out because of my personality, but sometimes I’m far away.

Sometimes I want to see the sea, but without a car, I can’t easily.

I can’t put it into action. I’ve been looking for a car, and I’ve been looking for a Sportage

I found out about the company. If you buy a car, you’ll spend a lot of money.

I thought about it, but if I do a second-hand transaction like this, it’s much less burdensome.

But I was still worried. And then the corona exploded. for now

I want to go out, but I can’t, and I don’t have a car.

There was a limit to the movement, and we couldn’t use public transportation at will.

It became more limited. I think I made up my mind then.

There will be times when this unexpected thing will happen again.

I think without my car, I’d end up losing myself.

And since I’ve been at home, I’ve been feeling negative and bad.

I think about it a lot, but it’s not good for me either. Sometimes

I thought I’d take time to refresh myself while I’m in the wind.

I heard. That’s why I decided to trade at Sportager Secondhand.

I don’t know a car at all, and I’ve only bought one.

Because he’s never been around before, he needed a lot of help from people around him.

Uh, if I had a boyfriend, it would be easier to get information.

Unfortunately, it’s been so long since I’ve been single… I borrowed the power 88카 of the Internet.

^^ But the Internet alone is good enough for trading

I could get something.

There’s a lot of people’s reviews of used car deals, so it’s not hard to find

I could see if I should pay attention to the part. in addition to the company

There’s a separate website. There’s a place where you can buy and sell cars.

I was able to check. Sportager used cars have a lot of sales.

I knew through you, but I didn’t know there would be so many. later on I’ll

I gave up watching it. My friends are small-sized.

He’s been buying a lot of cars, but I’m buying a more spacious one.

I wanted to go. So I checked the sale mainly for cars like that’s why.

There was a white-colored sale for about 11 million won, and I had that car.

I wanted to buy it as. I told him I wanted to buy it.

I don’t buy it, but it’s impeccable in the picture.

I wanted to check the sale quickly because I could see it. So call the business.

We had to make a reservation to visit because there were too many customers.

He said he would. Sportager Middle School is on air and several articles.

It’s so famous that I can understand it. That’s how many customers there are.

We have no choice but to. I’m setting up a book and visiting the store on that date, Mr. Dealer.

They welcomed me

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