For those who need to receive frequent business trips, registering as a member like this would be the best cost-effective.

Gomang usually works nine hours on her feet.

She’s really edema.

Besides, I’m working out.

I was just feeling heavy.

There are times when stretching doesn’t work.

Just like cotton with water.

When I used to go to Southeast Asia a lot…

I’ve been on a business trip almost every week.

I just didn’t have the energy to go on a business trip myself.

I made a reservation for a massage shop in Suedy, Incheon!

Women’s exclusive suede business trip massage

A Swedish massage is a way to wake up the lymphatic sensation.

It’s a soft-style business trip massage.

So it’s good for blood circulation and relaxes the nerves, so it’s very effective in finding mental stability!

The location is only 5 minutes away from Juan Station.

Get out of Juan Station exit 2 and go straight.

You can come out of exit 7 of the underground shopping mall!

If you’re from Namdong-gu, Incheon…

You know Juan CGV’s appointment attraction!

If you go straight from here, you’ll see Sarang Hospital.

If you turn left right there,

There’s an alley behind the hospital and I can see the sign right away!

Ta-da blossom terapy is coming out.

You can also make a reservation at the business trip massage shop application store. 🙂

Don’t forget to throw in discount coupons and get the bang for your buck.

I don’t know if this is the right place.

Yes, that’s right. You can open the door and go in!

I need you to go down twice like this twice.

The Info staff will open the door and guide you kindly!

It’s relief!

Now, let’s get real.

You can taste the massage on a business trip to Suede City, Incheon.

You can change your shoes into slippers right after you get in.

I’m so excited to get a business trip massage in a year.

Blossom therapy is located underground.

Isn’t it a strange place? I was like this.

I went inside, and it was very clean.

The Info staff was so nice.

I was happy from the start!

If you look at the hallway, it’s similar to the atmosphere I received in Southeast Asia.

If you look at the wall, it’s the world’s K-business trip massage shop.

The interior of the wine seller is so beautiful that I 출장마사지 took it.

Personally, this is so pretty.

I’d love to keep it.

The interior is really unique!

But I think it’s the whole thing.

It was an antique atmosphere. It’s a completely different atmosphere from the outside.

Blossom therapy

The background music is also a pop song, and I think it’s the best way to go on a business trip to Massage Shop.

The stereotype’s broken again.

I think it’s really fresh. You know Gerssel, right?

Suddenly, the red room.

One hallway has these lights.

Look at the red light like you’re possessed.

What the hell is this place…?

This is the maintenance office, too!

Sculptures like this, lights, paintings.

It was like a sentimental cafe and a wine bar!

Do you see that indoor silence?

I’m sorry, but I’m so excited to see you.

Overall, I think you’re really good at using space. I think it’s a good sense that you put a different vibe on each space.

As it is a women’s exclusive business trip massage shop, it is an emotional business trip massage shop

I admit it!

I got myself together and entered the maintenance office to get a business trip massage!

As soon as I get in, I fall asleep in the light.

The maintenance room is a cozy place.

It was very relaxing.

We can’t miss the photo zone again.

I took ten more before I changed.

It’s indoor quiet.

Take a thick gown and go to the shower.

Please take a shower before you receive the business trip massage!

There’s a locker in the shower, so I keep my clothes here.

You can put on the gown after taking a shower. It’s simple, right?

All you have to do is wear this in the gown!

It’s not sundae. It’s disposable sanitary pantry.

This is an aroma oil massage.

My cotton panties are all wet.

That’s why I’m wearing these disposable underwear.

Just put on the gown and wait for the therapist in the maintenance room.

If you’re lying face down, he’ll come in.

Women’s blossom therapy therapists

They’re all men. !

You’re embarrassed? No, there’s nothing like that.

Gomang got a lot of business trips overseas.

It’s the coolest thing to get from a guy. His hands are big and he’s overwhelming.

It’s literally cool.

Since ancient times, a business trip massage has to be harmonized between quantity and sound.

I’ve been told it works well.

There is a reason only for women.

Wow, I didn’t want to go home because I was so relaxed.

Didn’t you do it for 10 minutes?

First of all, let’s loosen up the muscles in half an hour of dryness.

It’s an aroma-swedish business massage that lasts the rest of the time.

The oil is warm and there’s a touch of a professional therapist.

I feel like I’m getting rid of my fatigue.

At the end of the day, you asked me if I was uncomfortable.

Your calves and shoulders feel very heavy.

Last but not least, I’d like to thank you for giving me an intensive massage on that part.

I loved it.

I worked really hard this day and went on a business trip to get a massage.

I got a massage for a business trip to Sweden, and the swelling went down.

I was so tired after the business trip massage.

I couldn’t open my eyes, so I came to the shower with my eyes closed.

It’s a women’s shop, so everything’s fine.

I was relieved not to worry about men coming in.

The shower is really clean.

Foam, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, body wash

You don’t have to worry about it because it all.

I’m surprised that shampoo conditioners aren’t cheap, but they’re all used at home. There’s a disposable sponge for body wash on the side, so you can take it and wipe off the oil foil!

Wipe with a soft, fragrant towel.

It’s nice to see the perfect skin lotion I use at home.

Dryer also has good firepower.

I think I spent half an hour alone in the shower.

I’m getting too drowsy!


It’s Blossom Therapy’s menu.

The membership was cheaper.

If you need to get a lot of business trips massage, do this.

I think the cost-effectiveness will be the best if you register as a member.

I think I know why there’s such a phrase.

The tension and the bad energy in my body.

He took them all. Thank you.

The main customer base for the Swedish business trip massage is women.

It’s a women’s therapy.

I think there are a lot of talented Therapists.

You’re a golden hand, too.

On my way out, I felt sorry to get out of Blossom Therapy and get back to reality.

Every time I’m working really hard, I come here.

I should get a business trip massage and go.

Don’t go too far if you’re Inchonler. Like a dream.

Make sure to get a women-only Incheon Suede City business trip massage.

I’m really relieved of the fatigue of the day.

His calf is full of edema all day.

It’s as soft as marshmallow.

Thanks to Blossom Therapy, I slept right home.

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